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Automated Webinars

Automated Webinars helps leverage your time, giving you back freedom. Automated webinars do presenting or training for you. Allowing you to engage more people more often. You can deploy Automated Webinars to do the work for you. Simply upload your recorded training or presentation, set the days & times you want to allow people to attend your Automated Webinar and let them attend on their schedule. You can even set the Automated Webinar to simulate attendees, giving your Automated Webinar a very live feel.

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Charge In Advance

Now you can charge in advance for your Automated Webinar. While setting up your Automated Webinar, you can simply select the payment option, paste in your Amazon,, Pay Pal, 2Checkout button code and you are done. When a contact clicks the register button to register for your Automated or live Webinar, they will be taken to your shopping cart to pay and checkout, then redirected back to the registration page of your Webinar to register and attend.

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Advanced Scheduling System

With our unique scheduling system

  • you can set up your webinar to run monthly, weekly, or even daily.
  • You can select specific days of the week and time zones are detected and runs on-time with the registrant's time zone.
  • Block out specific holidays or specific dates that you don't want your promotion to run.
  • And, with our time zone auto-detection: configure your webinars for one specific time of the day, no matter where in the world your visitors register from.

This allows your audience to attend your webinars at the right time in their time zone.

Just-In-Time Webinars

Set dynamic "Just In Time" webinars that start upon registration.

  • Let them watch your webinar on-demand as they register.
  • No waiting, no scheduling, no delay.
  • Block night-time webinars to keep it 100% authentic.
  • If someone lands on your registration page at any time through the night, the next immediate schedule will be listed for the next day.

Dynamic Attendee Display

It's all about replicating a live webinar environment.

  • During the presentation, people join and leave the webinar rooms. OfficeVP Automated Webinars replicates that natural behavior.
  • Pre-define your desired attendance peak and the system will progressively build up attendance count all the way to the peak, and then it will realistically curve down as the event goes on.
  • However, if you would rather keep your attendance levels hidden, simply disable your audience count in a single click.

Integration Made Easy

Automatically subscribe your webinar registrants to your autoresponder with your provider. Set it-and-forget it! Growing your mailing list and sales has never been easier. OfficeVP integrates with all the popular providers - Aweber, MailChimp, GetResponse, iContact, ActiveCampaign, and more! OfficeVP will pass informatin to your provider, so you can organize them.

Fully Automated (Optional) Email Communications

Whether you are using your provider or OfficeVP, you have complete control over the email design and messaging your webinar registrant receive.

  • Welcome Email (After Registrations)
  • 30 minute reminder (Before event starts)
  • Webinar is starting (Just before the webinar begins)
  • All Registrants
  • Registrants who missed the webinar
  • Registrants who attended the webinar but missed your offer
  • Registrants who attended the webinar and saw your offer, but didn't purchase
  • Registrants who purchased
  • Registrants (attended or not) who didn't purchase

Timed In Offers

Use timed in offer buttons to appear and dissapear at specified times during your webinar presentation. Timed in offer buttons stimmulate positive emotional behaviours more the any other call to action methods.


Poll your attendees after the webinar with great eay to setup surveys to gather valable information. Not only can you gather intelligent data, you can

  • Create dropdown selection for questions.
  • Create Radio Buttons
  • Create Check Boxes
  • Move the attendee to lists base on their selection
  • Start Autoresponders base on their selection

Video Heat Maps

Knowing how your video viewers are engaging and where they are dropping off of your video is essential to increasing performance and generating the results you need from your marketing campaigns. Just upload your presentation video and we'll do the rest.

No more guessing. Intelligent insignt makes all the difference.

Video Email

Engage and grow your subscribers and business with video email. Engaging video email gets faster results and can help you accomplish your goals faster than you can image. Business are reporting a phenomenal increase in revenue growth and longer customer retention. Ministries & non-profits are reporting growth in memberships as well as increased donations and cash flow helping them to expand their our reach programs.

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Powerful & Flexable Features


Set To Run Multiple Times per Day

Make it easy for registrants to attend

Uses Registrant’s Time-Zone

Works on all registrant’s time zone.

Real & Simulated Attendees

Real & Simulated names joining webinar

Smart Date Technology

Set to run multiple events per day

Automated Reminders

Just like GOTO Meeting and WebEx

Integrations & Applications

Integrated with campaigns & Autoresponders

Tracking & Analytics

Smart tracking equal more sales

Delayed Events

Add actionable buttons and timed events

Shopping Cart Integration

We can integrate with your shopping cart

Blackout Dates

Easily blackout holidays and other days

Register Users from Anywhere

Attendees can register from your website

Plays on Mobile Devices

Plays on iPad, iPhone, Droid, and others

List Segmentation

Segment your list after every webinar

Video Email

Include video email in attendee reminders

Pre-Made Landing Pages

No coding or design skills needed! Your webinars will look amazing!

Critical Data You Need

Instantly know how many visitors convert to registrants and how many registrants attended your webinar. You'll also get "In-webinar behavior tracking".

  • Know exactly how long the attendee attended your webinar.
  • How many people click on your links.
  • How many people fill in your surveys and what their answers are.

You'll also see your sales. If you sell a product or service through your automated events, you want to know your average dollar-per-signup and dollar-per-attendee numbers, so you can budget for your advertising costs accurately.

Paste In Your Tracking Pixel

Embed your Google Analytics or Facebook tracking pixels, so you can run paid advertising campaigns, re-target your audience and so on. If they can be tracked, we will track them!

Reporting & analytics

Run reports and find out everything you need to know about who is watching your video emails. Even know how much time each contact spent viewing your video email

Enterprise Package Features

Email Marketing

Engage your subscribers with intelligent email. Powerful email that helps you grow your business.

Email Analytics

Track your subscriber engagement with powerful email analytics. Know what works and what doesn’t

Professional Email Designs

We will help you get started with 100s of fully customizable professional designs. If you are a coder, you can code your own

List Segmentation

Simplified list segmentations & management, with highly customizable set-ups to suit your exact needs

Image Gallery

Free image hosting with access to over 7,000 images to help you create a world of personalized experiences for your subscribers.

A/B Split Testing

A/B split testing lets you find the winning email “before” sending to your entire list. A/B split testing puts you “in-the-know”

Document Manager

Free document hosting and management lets you send trackable documents knowing who downloaded and who didn’t

Email Triggers

Using trigger technology in your email lets you automate highly targeting responses base on subscriber interaction with your email

Contact Manager

More data tracking, more functionality, a contact-centric database that provides you a fully integrated contact manager


Schedule a series of emails to be automatically sent over a period of time that do the work for you


getting paid has never been easier with our online invoice creator

Task Manager

Never forget a task again. One click sets automated email & SMS text message reminders sent to you

Calendar Manager & Web Calendar

Take appointments over the internet with an online web calendar. Quickly add appointments with email & SMS text reminders

Share Content with Team Accounts

Support your sales team with team account creation and sharing content across accounts

Power Tools

Web Forms

Using web forms is an effective way to grow your subscriber list and best of all, web form generation is absolutely free.

Shopping Cart Integration

Integrate your OfficeVP account with your favorite shopping cart and automate email responses after checkout

Social Media Tools

Send a single post or create a series of scheduled post to go out over a period of time across your social media accounts

Make & Track Phone Calls

Makes and track phone calls. Integrates with Google Voice and Skype. Generates reports on call log activity. Fully customizable

Video & Audio Email

Video Email

In today’s mobile video enabled environment, video has become the tool that works. Video email will get your email opened

Audio Email

Cement customer and member loyalty with talking email. Talking email updates and reminders makes you stand out

Professional Designed Video & Audio Designs

Awesome customizable designs gets you started quick. And if you are a coder, you can build your design from scratch

Video Heat Maps

Video heat maps give shows where your subscribers lose interest and which parts of your video is the most watch and re watched

Video Email Triggers

Control automated processes based on how much time the contact spent watching your video email

Video Email Analytics

Run reports and find out everything you need to know about who is and is not watching your video emails

Web & Multimedia Tools

Online Page & Lead Capture Page Generator

Quickly create a lead capture page or online newsletter with our online web page generator

HTML5 Video Hosting

Just upload your videos and we will turn your video into HD video that can be viewed on just about any web enabled mobile device

Website Builder

Create a website using our fully customizable templates or zip your site and simply upload it. Host unlimited sites and domains

HTML5 Video Heat Maps

Track your viewer engagement. Know where they lose interest and most re watched. Tracks unique IP address and GEO location

Automated Webinars

Automated Webinars

Create Webinars and seminars that play on autopilot. Event registration and reminders work like GOTO Meeting or WebEx

Charge In Advance

Now you can charge in advance for your Automated Webinar and live broadcast using your shopping cart


Easily connect your favorite email provider

Webinar Scheduling

Let your attendees’ video right now, yesterday’s event, or schedule to attend at a future date and time

Professional Designs

Everything you need to create a Webinar in minutes with over 400 fully customizable designs

Webinar Analytics

Know how your webinar is performing with powerful analytics showing your attendee engagement

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