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Email Deliverability


We take email delivery serious and stay in touch with industry and technology standards, staying in the loop with email and ISP organizations such as the AOTA (Authentication and Online Trust Alliance), EEC (Email Experience Council), ESPC (Email Sender and Provider Coalition), and MAAWG (Messaging Anti-Abuse Working Group). Constant optimization of system, implementation of best practices, 3rd party monitoring services, and ISP relations maximize the deliverability of email.

Bounce back Sorting

We alert you when you receive a bounce back, allowing you to take editing action on the contact; however, we block any further attempt to send email to that address. In addition, we also scan bounce backs for messages from spam filters and email servers that tell us there is a problem with our deliverability. Our system automatically shuts off affected IPs, reroutes mail appropriately, and alerts our mail administrator.

IP Address Ranges

To help ensure delivery, we use a range of IP addresses. We group them in scoring ranges, using your reputation sending score to determine your level. 3rd Tier: Free trials (Customers in the free trial). 2nd Tier: Trusted (customers with good sending and list management histories). 1st Tier: Perfect, using Confirmed-Optin-Only (customers who only use confirmed optin subscribe forms or optin emails, have never added a contact without using the optin option, and have never had an abuse or spam complaint). We regularly monitor our IP acceptance rates using a leading 3rd party deliverability vendor.

ISP Feedback Loops

We are registered with all the major ISP's and are on their information feedback loop. They alert us whenever your recipients report your email as “junk” or “spam”. When that happens, we instantly unsubscribe those contacts from your list to keep you and OfficeVP from being blocked.

Human Eye Monitoring

We do not depend just on technology; we employ a team of real people who can, detect clues about a user that can jeopardize our deliverability. We will immediately suspend and/or terminate accounts if necessary, sometimes it is as simple contacting users regarding any risk factors they need to address.

White lists

SP's have all but abandoned the use of white lists because there are too many factors that determine a sender’s reputation. Most IPS's have switched to using feedback loops, a faster, more effecting way of communication and responding. Just because you or we may be on a white list does not mean a sender cannot be blocked, especially if their feedback loop complaints exceed the ISP's’ thresholds. Even still, we are registered on the few remaining white lists.

3rd Party

We use a leading 3rd party deliverability vendor, and a well-respected ISP relations consultancy to help us prevent, detect and resolve any deliverability problems.


OfficeVP supports multiple authentication methods. Authentication validates your email with an ISP to let them know your email is not a forged identity, helping you with deliverability to the inbox.