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Host all your websites - Unlimited

Unlimited Webpage hosting made easy!

  • Lead capture pages
  • Squeeze pages
  • Mini website's

Web Hosting made easy with your FREE HTML Library

Think of it as your web-hosting repository that will host all your Web Pages, Squeeze pages & Mini Sites. There is no limitation to the number of domains and sites you can host.

How It Works

  1. It is easy, simply login to godaddy or wherever you registered your domain, change the domain ip address to one we give you and log out. Simple as that!

  2. Then, log in to your OfficeVP account, upload your videos & audios, grab the player HTML code and paste it on your webpage. Then create a Subscribe Form using your OfficeVP form generator, grab the HTML code, paste it on your web page.

  3. Now you are ready to upload your website into your OfficeVP HTML Library, and have it published in less than a minute by zipping up your site with all your files accept the main default or index page.

  4. Open your HTML Library, browse your hard-drive for your zipped file and default page, and upload.

  5. Enter the domain you want OfficeVP to host and click publish. OfficeVP will ping the domain registrar to ensure you set the record correct and will instantly publish your site on the World Wide Web.

Everything you need under one roof - FREE.