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Accept appointments via the web on
any website

Add a Calendar to your Web site in less than a minute!

Give your visitors access to set appointments on any website. Your appointments are hidden and you set your online calendar hours. Just grab the button code and paste on your website and you are done.

When a visitor clicks the button on your website, your calendar will pop open. They will need to enter their name, telephone and email before your calendar allows them access to set an appointment. And best of all, you set the times you are willing to accept appointments. Oh and did I mention you can add a personalize video to your calendar? That's right. When the visitor click the calendar button on your website, the first page pops open requesting them to enter their contact information. You can upload or record a video in OfficeVP that will greet your visitors. The system will send you

Email features & benefits to grow your business

  • Place your calendar in any website
  • Set global times you are open for business
  • Block out times of the fly for unexpected meetings or out of town trips
  • Share your calendar on Facebook, twitter & Linkedin
  • Add a personalized video to greet your contacts on your web calendar

Take appointments via the web

Set your open for appointment hours

Add a personalized video (optional) & paste Calendar on your site or Social Network