Convert Leads To Sales

Never Talk To An Uninterested Lead Again

Finally, a system that will sort out the tire kickers, delivering to you the golden leads, allowing you to spend your quality time on the phone with highly qualified leads. The Prospector is like having your own staff, sorting through all of your leads, then sending you the best of the best.

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The Prospector Features to increase sales

Delivers To You The Gold

Sorts, filters and qualifies your leads

Create Work Flows For Contacts

Create custom qualification paths

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Visually See Where They Are

Know where leads are in the sales funnel

Automate 99% of Your Qualifying

Hit the bulls eye in your marketing

Consolidates Appointments

Never miss an appointment again

Works With All of Your Marketing

Qualifies visitors, email, video & audio mail

Google Voice and Skype

Integrated with Google Voice and Skype