Private Label

Private brand i.e. white label
our product.

Private Label - Starts at $90,000 - (you do the billing) with a minimum monthly requirement.

Co Branded private label - Starts at $30,000 - (we do the billing) with a minimum monthly requirement.

Help your sales team ramp up sales

Give your team the tools they need to shorten the sales cycle and increase customer retention utilizing the OfficeVP technology deployed throughout your company under your (Company Brand Name). Your team can generate and track their own traffic to the company web site or working leads.

Perfect for business and industrial companies spanning the globe with a sales team of more than 5,000.

You control the content

Especially powerful when used as an internal communication & training platform. You get all the benefits and features of OfficeVP packaged in your own private brand, deployed on your domain.

Easily distribute marketing collateral into your sales team's deployment arsenal with a robust administration panel, allowing you to create newsletters, email templates & content, including autoresponders for the entire team in one-step.

Quickly create your content one time, and the system instantly makes it available throughout the entire organization. Track their progress, communications, activity and effectiveness with one click access.

Real-time Tracking, Notification & Reporting
With our real-time tracking technology, the system will notify you when a contact has opened your email, when their videos or audio messages are being played and for how long.
Replicate Your Sales Team Site
You have the option of replicating of sales sites, giving your sales team much more flexibility in targeting specific markets.

What is site replication? Sub-domains for URLs - Every member will get his/her sub-domain for their personal URL. For example - It is a way to use the same website design and functionality for multiple people, in this case for your sales team.

Each member of your team has their very own website, which gives each member the ability to Advertise & capture their own leads. Prospect, Follow-up and track each contact with the unique site tracking features that come with site replication.
Visitor & Contact Site Tracking
The moment a visitor completes the form on your lead capture or contact page, you will instantly receive a text message on your phone, and/or an email (your preference) with the visitor's contact information.

You can also know exactly which pages of your site a specific contact visited and know how much time they have spent on each page.
Advertising ROI
This is a great solution if you utilize PPC (pay-per-click), banner advertising, ads in magazines, newspapers, radio or television, you can take advantage of the dynamic map overlay, pinpointing the GEO location of each visitor hitting your site(s), and know where to focus your advertising budget for a better ROI.
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