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Live Broadcast

Go live from anywhere
*And Pay-In-Advance


Go Live With OfficeVP Live Broadcast

Stream Church Services, Meetings, Presentations Live In Real Time

OfficeVP Live Broadcast allows you to stream your services, meetings, presentations live in real time in minutes.

Know who attended and how long they viewed

With OfficeVP live broadcast, you will know exactly who is viewing and how long they viewed your broadcast. And if you have scheduled your broadcast for a date and time in the future, people can make early bird registrations to attend. Early bird registrants receive a confirmation email immediately after registration. A thirty minute reminder, and a one minute reminder email prior to your live broadcast starting. Once your broadcast is over, you will know who registered but did not attend, who attended and how long the attended.

Offers & Donations

If you are conducting a live presentation, during your live broadcast you can show buy buttons or donation buttons. You will know who dropped off before seeing your offer, who saw your offer but did not take action, and who took action.

Shopping Cart Integration

With our shopping cart integration, you can make your officevp account send highly targeted communications including start/stop autoresponders as well as segment your buyers.

Auto Replay

Your live broadcast is recorded and made available for you to create an automatic replay using the OfficeVP Automated Webinars.


Now you can charge in advance for your live broadcast. While setting up your live broadcast, you can simply select the payment option, paste in your Amazon,, Pay Pal, 2Checkout button. When a contact clicks the register button to register for your live broad cast, they will be taken to your shopping cart to pay and checkout, then redirect back to the registration page of your live broadcast to register and attend your live broadcast.

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Over 672 Professionally Designed Live Broadcast Templates

Over 400 Live Broadcast Basic Templates

Everything you need to create an automated Webinar in minutes with over 400 basic designs & layouts. Every Automated Webinar template is fully customizable, with well over 1,000 header template images and 5,000 alternative content images you can pick from.

272 BIG Background Templates

Great News!! Just added 272 new Big Background templates!
Testing is everything. Our initial testing using big backgrounds shows amazing responsive results. The NEW 272 designs range from 81 Business designs, 71 Branding & Marketing, & 41 Social Media designs. For you Success coaches, we added 43 designs to meet just about every need. And for you flat design lovers, we've added 36 cool flat designs. See them below.

Business & Services Branding & Marketing Social Media Motivation & Success Backgrounds Flat
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Just a Few Of The OfficeVP Live Broadcast Amazing Features...

You will love our many exclusive features that no one else offers in one package.
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Live Sales & Training

Go Live, broadcast live from anywhere

Plays On Mobile Devices

Plays on iPad, iPhone, Droid, and others

Set To Run Multiple Time Per Day

Make it easy for registrants to attend

Auto Playback

Lets you create automated webinars

Pay In Advance Feature

Charge in advance to attend

Register Users From Anywhere

Attendees can register from your own website

Real & Simulated Attendees

Real & Simulated names joining the webinar

Automated Webinars

Integrations & Applications

integrated with campaigns & autoresponders

Shopping Cart Integration

We can integrate with your shopping cart

Automated Webinars

List Segmentation

Segments your list after every webinar

Automated Webinars

Automated Reminders

Just like GOTO Meeting and WebEx

Video Email

Include video email in attendee reminders


Add actionable buttons and timed events

Automated Webinars

Professionally Designed Templates

Use your own or use one of ours

Tracking & Analytics

Smart tracking equal more sales

No Experience Required

We are with you step by step start to finish

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