Email Marketing Demonstration

Become a confident email marketer

Get on your way to getting results with your email marketing campaigns within minutes. We will show you how to create compelling email your readers will not only take action, but will forward your email to their network of friend, family, co-workers & social networks.

  • Use OfficeVP to succeed and get results with you first email marketing campaign.
  • Pick the right email design template, customize it to your brand.
  • Use A/B Slit testing to exactly what your audience responds to and takes action with.
  • Use Triggers in your email marketing to get results and high ROI.
  • Use OfficeVP email, video email & audio email analytics to hone your targeting skills.


Online Live Training is FREE

Our online live training session is completely free and you can attend anytime.


Training Subjects

  • Find the right email template and customize it to your brand.
  • Learn how you use merge code to personalize your recipient's email
  • How to create and send compelling video emails
  • How to use A/B Slit Testing
  • How to use Triggers in your email marketing campaigns
  • Online Page Generator
    • How to build the page and include HTML5 video, web forms and compelling content to help drive revenue.
    • How to include your Online pages in your email.
  • How to use HTML5 Video using our HTML5 Hosting.
  • How to use Web Forms.
  • How to use you Web Calendar to accept appointment from any web page or your email.
  • How to set up an and use Autoresponders.


Online Live Training Date & Times

Our online training dates and times are on the dashboard in your account.



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