A Little CRM

Contact Management with Calendar
& Tasks is a "must have" when
you're working hard

Complete Contact Manager

For Outlook & Macintosh lovers, we have designed special interfaces just for you. Life is easy with one click access opening any contact record with one click access to any action.

Contact Record
You get all the details you will find in Outlook or Macintosh applications such as, Full Name, Job Title, Company, Lead Categories, List Names, Email address, website, Rating, (5) phone numbers. (5) Addresses, Time & Date stamped notes

Contact Information: Select Gender, Department, Office, Profession, Nickname, Title, Suffix, Availability.

Lead Information: Interest Type, Start Business, Interest level, Best time to call, Capital, Reason, Most Important.

Details: Manager's name, Assistance's name, Tim Zone, Spouse's name, (Birthdays, Anniversary allows you to create recurring emails).

Opt-In Proof: Created Date, Contact IP, Opt-on date, Opt-in IP.

Other notes: Posted from subscribe forms

Manage and track campaigns right from the contact record.
If OfficeVP is hosting your replicated site, you can see all the contact's activity on your website. Shows each time the contact came to your site, and list's each page they visited and how much time they spent on each page, then summarizes for totals.
Just like Outlook: Tracks every communication including appointment, tasks, and tracked email activity.
One click Icon in the contact record lets you assign a campaign, send an email, video email, or audio email. One click lets you schedule a call, appointment or task and even lets you send a text message.
Custom Fields
Add global custom fields to the contact record to keep up with unique important data on each contact such as customer ID numbers, order numbers and more.

Calendar and Tasks - Integrated

Working online requires more time sensitive tasks than any other line of work, especially if you are working contacts by phone. You can set up automatic event reminders, including mobile phone notifications. One click instantly brings up anything on your calendar or task manager from within the contact record. Create invitations for special events, send those invitations to contacts, and keep track of responses and comments all in one place.

Anyone with an email address can receive invitations from you, regardless of whether using Google Calendar or MS Outlook. If your guest uses a calendar application that supports the iCalendar format, your invitation displays the event in his or her own calendar. When guests receive your Calendar invitation, they can accept, propose a new date & time, or decline, and you will be notified and updated.

Track appointments and tasks

Set recurring events such as birthdays, anniversaries, annual, quarterly, and weekly events. You can even set Tasks in the Task Manager with a start date and due date, and assign them to different people in your organization and track the progress and percent complete.

We totally get the fact that everyone has their own unique way of tracking Appointments & Tasks and you may not even need this benefit. That is why we have carefully thought out the design and built the entire application to open windows in tabs with a "simply smart" navigation, allowing you to see only what your want to see and forget the rest. OfficeVP is a robust online marketing system that fits your every need.