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Automate sales & training, and charge in advance for webinars

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Automated Webinars In Munites

Create sales & training automation in minutes

Automated Webinars Are Powerful, Effective, and Profitable

Create Webinars and seminars that play on autopilot. Event registration and reminders work like GOTO Meeting or WebEx, and the best part, you do not have to show up to give the presentation. With our Smart-Date technology, you just set the days of the week and what time or multiple times of the day it should play. Using Automated Webinars can automate your sales, income and even training's. Set it up and watch your sales begin.

Automated Webinars Puts You Online 24/7

Automated Webinars helps leverage your time, giving you back freedom. If you are giving the same web meetings, in home or office training's & presentations over and over. You may have thought how nice it would be to make a clone of yourself, to either do the presenting or training for you. Allowing you to engage more people more often. Automated Webinars can do just that! You can deploy Automated Webinars to do the work for you. Simply upload your recorded training or presentation, set the days & times you want to allow people to attend your Automated Webinar and let them attend on their schedule. You can even set the Automated Webinar to simulate attendees, giving your Automated Webinar a very live feel.

Automated Webinars Are Income Generating Machines

Automated webinars allow you to more effectively generate income 24/7 than any other sales tool. It is a know fact that webinars generate more sales than sales pages. Unlike sales pages, Automated Webinars capture the contact information of the attendee. Giving you the ability to track each contact with critical data like, who registered, who registered but did not attend, who attended but did not stay long enough to see your offer, who saw your offer but did not take a buy action, and who took a buy action. Even shows you exactly how much time each attendee spent watching your Automated Webinar, giving you the ability to know exactly where you need to improve your presentation. This critical data allows you to setup and send automated, highly targeted email communication, driving contacts back to your webinar or up selling them to your next offer. Combined with our state of the art email marketing, autoresponders, video email and audio email, OfficeVP Automated webinars can turn your sales into an "Income Generating Machine".


Now you can charge in advance for your Automated Webinar. While setting up your Automated Webinar, you can simply select the payment option, paste in your Amazon,, Pay Pal, 2Checkout button. When a contact clicks the register button to register for your Automated Webinar, they will be taken to your shopping cart to pay and checkout, then redirect back to the registration page of your Automated Webinar to register and attend your Automated Webinar.

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Webinar Templates

Designed and tested for performance. No experience necessary. Everythig you need to create an automated webinar in minutes with 672 designs & layouts. Every Automated Webinar is fully customizable, with well over 2100 header template images and 5,000 alternative content images you can pick from.

Over 400 Automated Traditional Webinar Templates

Everything you need to create an automated Webinar in minutes with over 400 basic designs & layouts. Every Automated Webinar template is fully customizable, with well over 1,000 header template images and 5,000 alternative content images you can pick from.

ALL NEW Highly Converting BIG Background Templates

Great News!! Just added 272 new Big Background templates! Testing is everything. Our initial testing using big backgrounds shows amazing responsive results. The NEW 272 designs range from 81 Business designs, 71 Branding & Marketing, & 41 Social Media designs. For you Success coaches, we added 43 designs to meet just about every need. And for you flat design lovers, we've added 36 cool flat designs. See them below.

Business & Services
Branding & Marketing
Social Media
Motivation & Success
Backgrounds Flat

Just a Few Of The OfficeVP Automated Webinar Amazing Features...

Yes, we do everything every other "Automated Webinar" software out there does, including names like Quick Sales System, Stealth Webinar, Webinar A-Go-Go, Auto Pilot Webinars, Presentation Domination, Auto Webinar Player, and we do it much, much better. You will love our many exclusive features that no one else offers in one package


Set To Run Multiple Times per Day

Make it easy for registrants to attend

Uses Registrant’s Time-Zone

Works on all registrant’s time zone.

Real & Simulated Attendees

Real & Simulated names joining webinar

Smart Date Technology

Set to run multiple events per day

Automated Reminders

Just like GOTO Meeting and WebEx

Integrations & Applications

Integrated with campaigns & Autoresponders

Tracking & Analytics

Smart tracking equal more sales

Delayed Events

Add actionable buttons and timed events

Shopping Cart Integration

We can integrate with your shopping cart

Blackout Dates

Easily blackout holidays and other days

Register Users from Anywhere

Attendees can register from your website

Plays on Mobile Devices

Plays on iPad, iPhone, Droid, and others

List Segmentation

Segment your list after every webinar

Video Email

Include video email in attendee reminders

Automated Webinars Software

Webinars are an important factor in today's fast paced society. Automated webinars create sales automation and training automation. An automated webinar system puts your marketing and training on auto-pilot. Last year webinars generated more sales than sales pages and shopping carts. What is automated webinars? An automated webinar is a webinar system that simulates a live event. The BIG difference between a live webinar and an automated webinar is your attendees are watching a pre-recorded video rather than seeing your event live. Which means, you are not present during the automated webinar, and your attendees can attend your webinar on their schedule 24/7. If you are in sales your webinars become an automated webinar cash machine. If you are looking to drive more sales, create a webinar selling machine. If you are in training, you can free your time and let automated webinars do the work for you. Automated webinars are a webinar replay. They turn your live recorded webinar into a live webinar replay.

If you want to create an automated webinar, you do not need to host a live event just to make your webinar replay video. In fact, most automated webinar reply videos are made from using common desktop screen recording software such as Camtasia by Most presenters using automated webinars simply record their audio, import the audio into camtasia, then bring their slides in the timeline, and render the video as an MP4 video format. After rendering the video to their desktop, they simply log into OfficeVP, upload their video, select one of our free automated webinar templates, edit the template and save. The system generates a unique link to their newly created webinar. They simply publish the link on their site, email it to their subscribers using the OfficeVP one click "send to a list" feature, and within minutes, all of their subscribers receive the webinar invitation email and the action begins. You can also post your webinar link on your blog and social media sites.

What sets OfficeVP apart

OfficeVP is an All-In-One solution. Unlike stealthseminar, webinarignition, easywebinar, evergreenbusinesssystem, and automationcor, who only provide the automated software, forcing you to open third party accounts with email marketing providers like aweber, constantcontact, mailchip verticalresponse and the like. And most do not host your video. This creates additional expense, and makes generating analytics from cross platforms an absolute nightmare.

From our inception, our goal has been to create every online marketing tool you will need, completely integrated creating a 360 reporting environment in a click. OfficeVP Automated webinar system has automated webinars of course, includes video hosting, contact management, list segmentation, email marketing, email automation with the use of email triggers and Autoresponders and much, much more. Best of all, you get the entire OfficeVP suite of tools at one low monthly cost. Check out all of the tools that come with your OfficeVP automated webinar account here >>